Barack Obama’s Masterful Demagoguery


This guy is better than Bill Clinton. This guy is smoother, he’s better, he’s more accomplished, and the real genius of Barack Obama, he’s been in office now for four years, and may as well not have been, because not one aspect of his agenda or policies explains what’s happening in the country today, not one thing. His policies, in fact, as far as people are concerned, are all efforts to fix this mess. But damn it, he’s trying as hard as anybody could. He really cares about people as much as anybody ever has, but man, the mistakes that are this country, the flaws that are this country are so deeply embedded that it’s gonna take a long time to fix this place.

I’m sure he thought he could do it in four years. But now he knows it’s gonna take eight, minimum, maybe 12 years to fix this. And all the while the people that voted for him are encouraging him to keep going. They are advocating that he keep on, because none of what he’s doing has any relationship to the bad things happening in the country. He’s doing everything he can to fix it. Do you realize he opposed the sequester, that was a Republican idea. He doesn’t want any part of this sequester. He’s trying to save the country from it.

Now, you and I all know that it was his idea. You and I all know that he loves it. You and I all know that everything that’s happening is because of his policies. You and I all know that what’s happening is because he wants it to happen, and now you and I know that his genius is keeping his name off of it all. And, by the way, this sequester business today, this is textbook example number one for the Limbaugh theorem. The Limbaugh theorem is, Obama can’t be seen as governing. He has to be seen as constantly campaigning, seeking the power to stop this.



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