Arrogant school district ignores taxpayer concerns about transparency, school district spending


An official with Colorado’s Thompson School District recently warned residents that the district has a “bullying” problem which could “sabotage” student learning if left unchecked.

When school board member Denise Montagu issued her dire warning during a recent board meeting, she wasn’t referring to bullies found in the district’s classrooms or on its playgrounds.

Instead, Montagu was referring to Liberty Watch (Colorado), a citizens’ group that petitioned Thompson school officials to open up the district’s budget process and contract talks with the local teachers’ union to public inspection.

Liberty Watch leaders are also requesting that taxpayers no longer be forced to subsidize the Thompson Education Association by paying the teacher union president’s salary – who spends her days attending to union business instead of a classroom of students – and having district employees deduct union dues from teachers’ paychecks.



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