An Event Can Turn Things Around


We are being governed by an ever shrinking minority, and until these young bucks in the Republican Senate showed up, there was nobody willing to oppose them.

I don’t know about you. I can’t tell you the number of people last night who said to me, I had a bunch of e-mails, just this week I’ve been talking to callers who’ve called here and their hands are thrown up in frustration, “What can we do?” I said, “We’re beyond the point of words now. It’s gonna require an event that nobody knows is coming. An event is going to happen to wake people up, change their minds or do something else.” I was not talking about a cataclysmic event. I was talking about a political event. I wasn’t talking about a hurricane or some sort of climate disaster or an airplane accident. I was referring to a major political event that illustrates something that turns everything upside down.

This filibuster last night did. It was such an event.



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