I don’t know if you people heard this or not. I’m gonna get back to this Ignatius thing in a minute, because I haven’t made the point yet. There’s an infobabe at CNN by the name of Deb Feyerick. And over the weekend, I guess Saturday afternoon,she was reporting on CNN about an approaching asteroid that will pass by the earth on February 15th, and it’s gonna be relatively close in astronomical terms. It doesn’t pose any kind of a threat yet. She actually asked her guests, and I don’t know who the guests were, she actually asked if the approaching asteroid, and she was serious, she asked if the approaching asteroid is an example of perhaps global warming. I kid you not.

Cookie, do we have this in the sound bite roster? I went through this very quickly, and I don’t recall seeing her name here, but I don’t need it if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter. If I have it here, I’ll play it. Sheila Jackson Lee comes off as Einstein compared to this. But the point here, this is an object learning lesson. She was dead serious. She was not trying to be funny. She thought she was asking an enlightened question. Now, moments earlier, before they’d had a spot break, she segued from the Northeast blizzard to a segment, Bill Nye the Science Guy. And by pointing to global warming, “Every time we see a storm like this lately, Bill, the first question to pop into a lot of people’s mind is whether or not global warming is to blame.” And that’s true, and that’s one of the signs of evidence of the success of the whole politicization of global warming.

Every time there’s a temperature change or any kind of extreme weather, everybody just asks or thinks, even those of you who know it’s a hoax, everybody’s been so conditioned now, “Oh, global warming,” you know somebody’s gonna say that. So in Deborah Feyerick’s world global warming is not limited to earth. Global warming is taking place throughout the universe, and global warming could be affecting asteroids. In fact, the asteroid coming close, she actually asked the science guy, “Is this an example of perhaps global warming?” And to his credit, Bill Nye, the science guy, was a little confused and flummoxed.

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