Why Totalitarians Release Prisoners


I tell you, I’m finding myself in a difficult situation here, because I know that certain words and phrases happen to turn people off in this country. For example — it’s been this way a long time — in this country and in the media today, if you say to somebody, “That person over there’s a communist,” you lose ’em. That doesn’t work. So you say, “Okay, socialist.” Well, okay, that may make more impact. Call ’em a totalitarian or a statist, they still don’t want to hear it. But it’s challenging because that’s exactly what’s happening. Barack Obama is employing tactics that have been used by people like Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro released hundreds of thousands of just the most horrible characters from his prisons and they infested south Florida in the Mariel Boatlift — and the same thing with Ceausescu and releasing his prisoners. Not all of them are political. Some of them were hardened criminals.

I mean, Ceausescu was trying to pollute Western Europe. He wasn’t sending a bunch of freedom fighters to Western Europe. He was polluting it. Castro was trying to pollute south Florida. He was trying to corrupt it, and the United States in general. Saddam Hussein was trying to corrupt Iraq and Baghdad by letting his most hardened criminals go. It was a punishment, a punishment to the citizens of Iraq for not supporting him, for being complicit in the forthcoming US invasion. So what happens is, Ceausescu… Well, use the Mariel Boatlift. What happened in this country was the Mariel Boatlift — and, of course, the nice, compassionate people of America welcomed them in at first. “They’re escaping the dungeons of Fidel Castro! These are people seeking freedom, and we are people of freedom.” The same with Ceausescu’s release, and the same thing with Castro’s and Saddam’s. They end up corrupting the places that they go, and that’s the purpose of it.

Now, when you say that Obama is imitating the behavior of people like that, my guess is that any low-information voters in the audience who hear me say this are gonna pooh-pooh it and they’re gonna start calling me names: “Reactionary, controversial statements,” whatever, “extremist racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe,” what have you. Because the low-information voter looks at Obama as a prisoner himself of the Republican Party. “Obama’s doing everything he can to make life better! He’s trying to create jobs. He’s trying to prevent the deficit from growing. He said that no policy of his was gonna grow the deficit by a dime and if it did, he wouldn’t do it.” Well, the deficit’s growing. It must be the Republicans. Obama’s got his jobs councils. He’s trying to create jobs, but the unemployment number is static or getting worse. It must be the Republicans. It was Bush. I saw the exit polls from the 2012 election. Something like 56 or 57% of the people that voted still blame Bush for the economy. I’ve told you when I saw that, my heart fell. I knew it was over, but I wasn’t able to explain to myself why. I was still bamboozled by it. I’ve never in my life have known a president who has escaped any accountability for four years of his presidency until this guy came along. The media is only part of it. It’s a big part of it, but it’s not the entire explanation. We’ve reached a point in our cultural evolution where the clueless dominate, where low-information, uneducated, who think they know everything, by the way, dominate.



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