Why Democrats Get Away with Lying


You want to hear Harry Reid’s latest lie? I mean, they happen every day. I don’t even talk about them anymore. Harry Reid was on This Week this past Sunday, and the subject was the sequester. Now, he didn’t say this was gonna be cut by the sequester. This number that he used was independent of the sequester. He said, “The American people need to understand it’s not as if we’ve done nothing for the debt; $2.6 trillion already we’ve made in cuts, and all those cuts have come from non-defense programs.”

He didn’t have the guts to say that on the floor of the Senate, but he said that on This Week, and he was not challenged by anyone. There are nowhere near $2.6 trillion in cuts! Folks, there have not been any cuts in anything — defense, non-defense, discretionary spending — zilch, zero, nada! He went on to repeat that lie to George Stephanopoulos. He said, “I repeat: $2.6 trillion already, all coming from non-defense. If we’re gonna have a sequester, defense is going to have to do their share.”

We have not cut $2.6 trillion! If we had cut $2.6 tillion, Barack Obama would not have been reelected. That’s just an out-and-out lie, folks. It’s not even close to anything in reality. Now, what would you do? Not one reporter challenged him. If he’s not gonna get challenged on this stuff, it’s gonna survive and live on in the ether out there. He does it every day. It’s pathological. I don’t know how you compromise with such a pathological liar. I don’t know how you talk with one.

This is guy that’s gonna be putting a budget together?

Big whoop!



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