What Was Obama Doing While Americans Were Dying in Benghazi?


There’s very little reporting on the Benghazi hearings yesterday. That was Panetta. We had the audio sound bites of Leon Panetta.

Was he defense or CIA at the time? (interruption) Was he defense then or CIA? (interruption) Okay. He said Obama told him at 5:15, while the attacks in Benghazi were just underway (impression), “Do whatever you gotta do to save American life,” and that’s the last they heard of him. He was unreachable. Where did he go? It came out in the hearings that Obama never called back to check on Benghazi.

After 5:15 when he told Panetta, “Do whatever you have to do,” he split. He never called to check to see how it was going, and nobody could reach him. I remember at the time, last fall, it was the question. “Yeah, where was he?” and there were all kinds of possibilities. One of the most popular suggestions — and it’s just a wild guess — is he was out playing basketball and didn’t want to be interrupted. Other people have other ideas. But he was not engaged.



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