Washington Discovers Chuck Hagel Isn’t Brilliant (But We Knew a Decade Ago)


US embassy bombing in Turkey. Have you heard about this one? Do you know it is the eighth embassy attack during Senator Clinton’s reign as secretary of state? Our old buddy Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit has the news. A suicide bomber blew up today US embassy in Turkey, killing myself and one other person, and it is the eighth embassy attack during Hillary’s reign. I told you yesterday that we’re gonna have audio sound bites of the hearings of Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense. It is amazing. It’s a made-to-watch event to listen to the ruling class. Republicans, Democrats, media and elected people, inside the Beltway, they’re beside themselves.

They can’t believe how badly he did. They can’t believe how ill-prepared and how unprepared he was. They can’t believe how stupid he was. They can’t believe it, because they had talked themselves into believing that Chuck Hagel was brilliant. I got a sound bite of me that we resurrected from September 23, 2002. We don’t have anything of Hagel back then, but it is of me remarking on how everybody was talking how brilliant Chuck Hagel was back then. Because he was ripping into Bush, of course. He was ripping into America’s defense strategy, America’s foreign policy.

All he was doing was asking questions, and they said, “He’s brilliant!” and I’m sure they believed it. These people believe the stuff that they tell each other about each other in the ruling class. Well, yesterday Hagel showed up. They couldn’t believe that he didn’t do any of the necessary work to prepare himself. They couldn’t believe he was ill-prepared, unprepared, stupid. They’re embarrassed. But they still admit he’s probably gonna get confirmed, and it doesn’t matter, because he’s not gonna be secretary of defense anyway.



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