Patrick Pexton, the Washington Post’s ombudsman, admitted in a Tuesday phone call to a Post reader that the news story in which a Post writer relied on information from a satirical website to report Sarah Palin had signed on as a “contributor to the Al Jazeera America news network” also got past a “Post editor.”

Breitbart News has exclusively obtained a voicemail Pexton left, on Tuesday, to a Post reader who called him after he was outraged the mainstream media organization could get so badly duped.

“Shame on us,” Pexton says in the voicemail. “That was a terrible mistake, I agree with you. It got through one editor, obviously the writer made the mistake and it got through one Post editor. So, shame on us–anyway–thanks for calling. Bye.”

The writer is Suzi Parker, and the editor is “She the People” editor Melinda Henneberger.

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