Turn in Your Guns to Stop the Wacko Left-Wing Killer on the Loose in California


I must warn those of you in Big Bear Lake, California, there’s a nut on the loose. He’s on the prowl. He’s shooting people. This former cop, this Dorner guy, he’s running around, and he loves left-wingers and so forth. I think the safest thing for those of you to do in the area where he is thought to be is turn in your guns now. They tell us that will stop him.

That’s right, because nothing strikes fear into killers like people that don’t have any guns. That’s what Obama tells us, and that’s what the experts who are trying to make us all safer say. So you got a madman on the loose. He happens to love left-wingers. That, by the way, is being ignored. That’s kind of funny in itself. You know this guy kinda looks like Casey Hampton, the nose tackle of the Steelers. I saw this while doing the program yesterday, I saw the pictures of this guy. I didn’t know what the story was yet because all I saw were the pictures. I said, “What’s Casey Hampton in the news for?”

It turns out it’s not Casey Hampton. It’s this former Los Angeles Police Department officer, Christopher Dorner ,who has allegedly shot and killed three innocent people in cold blood. If they had just maybe turned in their guns, they’d be alive today. It makes people safer. You need to learn that. Christopher Dorner, the subject of a massive manhunt, posted an 11,000-word manifesto on Facebook. Thank goodness we have Facebook. We don’t have to wait for permission from the New York Times. Remember the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, the last mass murderer who was a devout devotee of left-wingers, he had Algore’s book and so forth. The Unabomber is blowing people up, pipe bombs and stuff. One of them was in Sacramento when I lived there, not far from the KFBK studios at the time.



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