Today’s Liberals are the Same as the Ones Reagan Battled Back in 1964


You know, somebody just said to me, “Rush, remember now what we’re doing here. We’re talking to low-information voters.” Frankly, folks, I have to keep that in mind because I know the bulk of this audience is not low-information. You are not low-information people. You are at the head of the class. But there are low-information people out there to whom $44 billion sounds much larger than $3.7 trillion. If you stop and think about it, remember, now: For low-information voters, that could be true, that $3.7 trillion sounds smaller than $44 billion.

So when I say, “Are you kidding me? We got a budget of $3.7 trillion, and we’re not gonna spend $44 billion, and there’s a panic that’s gonna ensue?” A low-information voter might go, “Yeah, sounds like a big deal to me.” Okay, here’s the proper context. Reagan just made the point here. He says, “We’re gonna add a billion dollars to the $45 billion that we’re spending…?” Boy, isn’t that that interesting? In 1964, we’re spending $45 billion on the War on Poverty, and LBJ and the boys are coming back and they wanted $1 billion dollars more to wipe out poverty.

Reagan’s point was, “Well, wait a minute. If we’ve spent $45 billion and we haven’t wiped it out, you think another billion is gonna wipe it out?” I know about inflation, and I know ’64 is a long, long time ago, but $45 billion. Do you know what we’re spending on poverty today (chuckling) and we haven’t wiped it out, and the percentages of people in poverty is the same as it was in ’64? So here’s a better way of expressing it to the low-information voter.

Do you really think that if we’re gonna spend $3,700 billion, that not spending $44 billion is gonna make difference? You see, $3.7 trillion is $3,700 billion. So it’s $3,700 billion versus $44 billion. Now, that may be a way of making a point, if it even matters. But we must explore all possible persuasive techniques. From “Who’s Afraid of the Sequester’s Ax? — Not us, say Republican lawmakers. House GOP lawmakers say they do not fear political blowback if Congress fails to prevent $85 billion in automatic spending cuts from triggering in two weeks.”



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