It’d be interesting to see a calculation of where this economy would be right now without fracking, the new way of getting oil. Other than areas of high-tech, fracking is probably one of the largest areas where concentrated growth in this economy is taking place. There are oil booms in the Dakotas, in North Dakota. They are having to build entire cities, towns, to house employees showing up to work in fracking. The left is trying to shut it down under some claim that it destroys the environment. Natural gas and oil, of course, are the evil twins of opposition to the mainstream environmentalist wacko movement.

But without that, there wouldn’t be any economic activity to speak of, and the governors are resisting every Obama effort to shut it down. Look at the Keystone pipeline! Why not build it? It’s after the election. It’s not gonna harm Obama’s reelection. Why not authorize it? You know, even if there is something to alternative energy, it isn’t gonna be for 20 years! We’re still going to need oil. But guy and the Democrat Party are so religiously opposed to oil, it it’s irresponsible. The Keystone pipeline would add to our domestic supply. It would help us with energy independence. It would help lower fuel prices. Why not do it?

Well, if you’re Obama there are specific reasons why you don’t want to do it, and you’ve heard ’em all before.

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