The Pope of American Conservatism


RUSH: TIME Magazine has called me a pope. They have a cover story on Marco Rubio. By the way, Rubio’s gonna do the Republican response to the State of the Union show. And he’s gonna do it in Espanol. He’s gonna do it in English, too, obviously. But he’s gonna have a response to the State of the Union in Spanish. Now, what is your gut reaction when you hear that? Is it, “Right on, right on, outreach, cool.” Or is it, “Ah, gee, why are we pandering? Do we really think we’re gonna get any votes by speaking out to them in Spanish? Is that really what we’re gonna do?” I mean, do the Hispanics really not know who Rubio is?

Well, the answer to that is, the Hispanics that vote Obama, vote Democrat, think Rubio is something that he’s not. They think he’s a sellout. Whatever their equivalent to an Uncle Tom is. So he’s gonna reach out, do the response in Spanish. What is your gut reaction to that, Snerdley? You think it’s pandering? You think it’s total pandering. Interesting.

TIME Magazine, it doesn’t matter what I say, what I mean. When they interpret me incorrectly and I correct it, I’m still wrong. I don’t know what I’ve said. The way I am interpreted by others is what I really meant and what I said. What I mean doesn’t matter, I’m wrong. That’s the way the mainstream media reacts. They say that I told Rubio in the interview on this program that what he was doing was admirable, as though he had been granted absolution by the pope. That I, El Rushbo, in telling Rubio that what he’s doing is admirable, had thus granted him absolution by the pope, meaning it’s okay, clear sailing, smooth sailing ahead, El Rushbo said it’s okay for you to have the — and I was simply talking about — you’ve heard me say this. I was simply complimenting Rubio on his willingness to properly characterize Barack Obama and Barack Obama’s policies and where Obama wants to take the country.



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