The One-of-a-Kind Limbaugh Take on the Academy Awards


You know, a lot of people are saying that Michelle Obama hijacked the Academy Awards last night. That shock surprise being introduced at the end of the show by Jack Nicholson to announce the best movie of the year. I think they had to throw her a crumb. I think they had to throw the Obamas a crumb because I think, in truth, folks, the Obamas got snubbed at the Academy Awards last night. Not only did his campaign ad, Zero Dark Thirty, not win, but his semi-autobiography lost out, too, Lincoln. So Obama was 0-for-2 last night and the Academy woulda known this in advance.

Well, the movie Lincoln? That’s about Obama, everybody knows that. Who won the best movie? Argo. The Ben Affleck movie. And I’ll tell you why it won. It won because Hollywood was portrayed as heroes, about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. Some embassy people got out before the Iranians took over and the Canadians successfully got ’em out of there. They worked with Hollywood to create a fake movie called Argo. The Canadians were ostensibly in Iran to scout shooting locations. It was actually CIA people in there trying to find a way to get these people out. They were holed up in a safe house, these embassy personnel.

They worked with Hollywood to come up with a fake movie, fake script, fake everything, fake business cards, fake phone number. Well, a real phone number so that if the Iranians happened to call Hollywood to check it out, yeah, it was a real movie being made, and that actually happened. So Hollywood was portrayed as patriotic. How often does that happen? So it was a no-brainer that Argo was gonna win. And, see, this was a snub for Obama because his campaign ad was Zero Dark Thirty, how he got bin Laden. Didn’t win. For some reason Hollywood’s mad at Steven Spielberg. I think it’s Steve Jobs syndrome. From what I’ve been able to gather, folks, Hollywood is really down on Spielberg because he’s won too much and he’s too rich and he’s arrogant and all that. So nobody likes Spielberg is the scuttlebutt. So Obama’s semiautobiographical movie, Lincoln, didn’t win. That’s two snubs.

So they threw him a crumb and they let Michelle out there. You know what that reminded of? I’m gonna tell you something, folks, honest to God, now, and I don’t know how many of you are gonna remember this. The 1984 Super Bowl, Apple Computer ran what may be — and you can’t find this ad on the Internet, I’m told. I’m sure somebody’s got it. If we can find a link to it, we will. Maybe, if not the best, one of the most impactful Super Bowl ads ever called 1984. This was the year that Apple introduced the Macintosh computer. And this ad, black and white ad, featured a Dear Leader in front of robotic people on a giant screen in a big room with a single revolutionary person running through the crowd, throwing some kind of weapon at the screen and obliterating Dear Leader, and it ends with “Think different.”



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