The Coming Racial Component to the NFL Concussion Storyline


It’s the president of the United States talking about how everybody’s gonna guilt trip watching the NFL. We are gonna have to dial this game back. Now, he didn’t say it in his interview yesterday, but earlier in the week he actually used the phrase, when talking about college players and high school players, he said, “They weren’t equipped to make some of these decisions.” The NFL players, they’re adults, they have a better understanding. They’re more able to make these decisions about whether to play or not because of the risks, the injury risks. But these young guys, meaning government’s gonna have to do it. Somebody’s gonna have to make the decision for them. They’re too incompetent, incapable, which is one of the core beliefs of liberals, is you just don’t know what’s best for you. And they do.

You will not make the right decisions in your life about spending, about your safety, about your health, you name it, you won’t do the right thing. They have to do it for you. So now Obama has put himself, injected himself in this football safety argument, and I’ll tell you where this is leading up to. This is your guilty conscience. You fans, we’re gonna have to somehow dial back these hard hits, and you may be a little disappointed, may not be as exciting for you, but that’s where we’re going to have to go if we’re gonna keep playing this game. The president of the United States weighing in on this.

So I have been waiting, folks, for another element to be thrown into all of this. And we got close to having that element injected yesterday on Face the Nation and in pregame coverage of the Super Bowl. Now, the element that I have been waiting to be interjected is race, and I have no doubt that at some point it will be. Look at what we’re dealing with now. It’s dangerous. It’s riskier than people who play it know. The people who play have been lied to by teams and doctors and experts who have not been honest with players about the risks. They haven’t been honest with them about the long-term risks of repeated collisions involving the head. They haven’t been honest. These players have been playing this game for all these years unaware how dangerous it is.



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