The Campaigner-in-Chief’s Dishonest Tweets


I’ll give you another example of how Obama is never governing — never governing, always campaigning, always fighting those powerful forces. His policies don’t have any relationship whatsoever to the problem is. He’s just trying to fix everything. Nothing that he’s doing has any relationship to what’s happening. That’s how the low-information voters see it. I’m telling you, folks, after the State of the Union, Sean Hannity put together a Frank Luntz focus group in Santa Monica, California.

He found a bunch of Romney voters who are essentially saying exactly to you what I’m saying today. They loved that speech. They didn’t particularly like Obama’s policies but they liked the speech and they liked that he’s trying to fix things, but they did not blame his policies. They didn’t like them, but his policies had nothing to do with what’s happening. What they saw in Obama is a guy trying to fix things, trying to bring people together.

Obama talked about people “working together,” and they wanted to hear that. These low-information people, they want this bipartisanship stuff. They want people working together. So another example of how this works. This is another, quote, unquote, “fact” that Obama is tweeting his low-information voters. Here’s a president with a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a White House with a website, and it’s all for campaign purposes.



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