Steny Hoyer: We Don’t Have a “Spending” Problem; We Have a “Paying for” Problem


Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, right here on this program, we had a sound bite for you. It was Nancy Pelosi saying, “We don’t have a spending problem.” She said we have a budget deficit problem. I intended to make a point about this yesterday. As we do almost every day on this program, I had a call or I brought the subject up myself about my optimism, about how, at some point all of this is gonna bottom out and we’re gonna rebound. And I’ve been honest with you about that optimism. I don’t know what or when, you know, I’m trying to be honest. It’s not wishful thinking. It’s not just hope. It’s a genuine positive confidence that I have in the overall population of this country.

I assure you here that I am not engaged in wishful thinking. I’m not blindly optimistic. It’s a genuine sincere feeling, and one of the reasons — and I meant to mention this yesterday — one of the reasons is, this just can’t go on. This kind of dishonesty and falsity will implode on itself. I remember what Ronaldus Magnus said once about the Soviet Union and communism in general. He said it will fall on its own. Now, we’re gonna nudge it. We’re gonna give it a shove, but it will collapse on its own because of its moral depravity. It can’t survive. And communism hasn’t thrived.

Have you noticed, Obama’s gotten pretty much everything he’s wanted in four years. Where’s the happiness? Where all the Julias of the world, that TV commercial. Where are the happy Obama voters? Where are the happy people of this country? There isn’t any massive amount of happiness. Everybody’s on edge. So you got Pelosi. I mean, Democrats make statements like this constantly, but this one, it’s close to taking the cake. “No, we don’t have a spending problem. We have a budget deficit problem.”



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