SNL’s Julia Sweeney Defends Abortion and Atheism


Julia Sweeney was on SNL when I was! I was ’86-’92. She was ’90-’94.

In this video Sweeney defends abortion. She is sarcastic and confident but I can’t follow her logic. Her “separation of church and state” monologue completely ignores the rights of the baby. A baby has its own DNA. And, its own heartbeat. It is not an appendage to a woman’s body.

I remember one conversation Julia and I had at SNL, about welfare, but that was before I was “political.” I was just a Christian. She was a Catholic. Now she is an Atheist and making a career out of it! She wrote a play about her journey into atheism called “Letting Go of God.” It’s smart, funny and blasphemous. I actually took my family to see it and we all hugged afterward. She was very sweet and said she appreciated me being there and my passion for God even though our views are opposite. I bought her a study Bible with her name on it and am trying to find an address to send it to.



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