Sheila Jackson Lee: I’m a “Freed Slave”


Do you know there is a freed slave serving in Congress? Grab audio sound bite number seven. Yep. There is a freed slave serving in the US House right now. A freed, f-r-e-e-d, slave is serving right now in the House of Representatives. Just to show you that slavery is still alive and kicking, we have a freed slave.

We’re trying to find out who owned and who sold Sheila Jackson Lee and what they got for her. She said on the floor of the House of Representatives … she was standing there as a freed slave because this Congress came together. I didn’t think they were coming together at all. She talked about the Congress during Lincoln, but anyway, she’s a freed slave. Somebody had to own her, and we don’t know who.

Obviously, you know, with the makeup of culture today, didn’t have to be Houston, owner did not have to be where she lived. Could be owned by anybody. What if a drug company owned her? You know, what if Big Oil owned her and she didn’t know about it. Somebody freed her, though. We will keep looking to try to find out who owned her, who sold her, and what they got. I have to tell you, though, in all candor, I think she looks pretty good for her age. She’s gotta be over 110. You’d never know it.



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