Sequester Will Be Nothing Compared to the Next Budget Crisis at the End of March


The sequester, ladies and gentlemen. Have you stocked up your food? Have you bought all your water? Have you got all the batteries that you’re gonna need? Have you made plans to do without for months and months and months? I’m telling you it’s going to be brutal out there. I heard a media person today saying the reason why… Get this, now. The reason why they think this time the sequester’s gonna happen — the reason why there will not be a last-minute solution like there always is — is because there are no talks.

“Nobody is talking about this. There are no negotiations going on,” which I don’t think means anything. Guess what happens at the end of next month, folks? We run out of money, for real, government-wide. That’s right! The continuing resolution that funds the government under which we’re now operating, runs out in toto at the end of March. This sequester is nothing compared to what’s coming the end of March. The next crisis is within five weeks, and it’s gonna make this sequester look like Romper Room. It’s an entire government shutdown that we’re gonna get hit with in four weeks.

We can’t get a break!

It’s like we’re drowning in this stuff.

We cannot reach the surface!



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