Schumer’s Red Flag on Border Security


One more thing about immigration and the immigration bill and the president, the Gang of Eight. I mention this frequently, the concept that every day a template or a narrative is established, and everybody follows it, everybody falls in line. The Democrats, of course, follow it. The media follows it, they set it. The White House sets it. The Republicans follow it. And then the inside-the-Beltway media, they follow it, too, whatever the agenda of the day is. If it’s gun control, then it’s talked about in that way, whatever way is set out by the regime or by the media.

Now immigration, I’ll use this as an example. We were just talking about Senator Schumer and border security and Rubio and border security. If border security doesn’t happen, we’re not gonna sign the rest of the bill. And of course everybody gets caught up in that, ignoring reality. It’s the old whipsaw comment I made. Every day we wake up, it’s a new crisis. A managed crisis, fear is the number one objective, or form of manipulation. But border security would require what? Enforcement, correct? If you come up with a new piece of legislation that satisfies the border security crowd, it would have to then be enforced for it to be worth anything.

Now, do we not already have laws on the books about border security? We do. And some of them are not enforced now. That’s why so many people get across. The overall question that I have, and my problem with this latest attempt at comprehensive immigration reform is that assumptions are made that are totally illogical. For example, Obama is a lawless president when he needs to be. If he doesn’t like a law, he ignores it or countermands it with an executive order. So what good is an agreement with him on anything, if he’s not gonna abide by it? Yet that’s never considered. It is never mentioned. People just get caught up in the inertia of whatever the latest daily template is, and they talk about it in their predictable ways, be they Republicans or Democrats.



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