Republicans Waiting for Obama to Reach Out? Really?


Now, I think, were it not so masterfully presented, this actually is a deranged mind here. “My door is open. I put tough cuts and reforms on the table.” He’s not. There aren’t any cuts, folks, and there never are any cuts, and there haven’t been, and he certainly hasn’t proposed any. “I’m willing to work with anybody to get this job done.” No, he says this every crisis, every issue, every piece of legislation, “I’m willing to work with anybody.” And he doesn’t. “None of us will get a hundred percent of what we want.” That’s standard boilerplate, and that’s aimed right at the low-information voter who is obsessed with compromise and bipartisanship. And so here Obama’s simply telling them that he wants what they want.

“Hey, you know, nobody gets a hundred percent of everything. I’m willing to compromise. I’m willing to give up some stuff,” but then, in the next sentence, “but nobody should want these cuts to go through.” Well, that’s all we’re talking about here. That’s all the sequester is, is cuts, and the sequester is his idea. If he’s willing to work and nobody’s gonna get a hundred percent of what we want, then nobody should want these cuts, since all we’re talking about is cuts. The compromise is that the cuts not happen, which is not a compromise. But my point, look, this isn’t about compromise. There is no common ground.

There is no area of overlay where what Obama wants overlays what the Republicans want. There isn’t any commonality here, by design. That’s not what’s happening. This is all BS. This is all positioning. This is all Obama campaigning, not governing. This is Obama running against the real powerful forces in this country, and it isn’t him. It’s these mysterious Republicans. These unnamed, faceless people behind the curtains who want you to get cancer, who don’t want your kids to have flu shots or health care, who want your kids’ teachers fired. And he is the valiant gladiator attempting to stop all that from happening. And, of course, the Republicans don’t want any of it. And the sad reality is, a majority of the American people don’t want any of this, and they’re getting it.



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