Overblown Sequester Hysteria


It was the same pattern in 2008 with TARP and the automobile bailout. “If we don’t spend $800 billion right now, the economy of the world will collapse,” and there’s still $200 billion from TARP that’s not been spent yet. It’s the same pattern, and now it’s the sequester. What this is is an ongoing, concerted effort to ensure as best they can that no massive majority public support for any reduction in the size of government will ever happen. That’s the objective here, is to so poison people’s minds. That $85 billion out of a budget of $3-1/2 trillion? Not spending $85 billion wouldn’t even be noticed!

It would be the equivalent of you earning $100,000 a year and losing a quarter, or the equivalent of people telling you that you’ve gotta give somebody a quarter. What impact would losing 25¢ have on you if you earn a $100,000 a year? We have $3-1/2 trillion, and there’s all this panic and apocalypse over $85 billion? So the point here is to make sure the public never, ever supports spending cuts ’cause even a dollar will ruin something for somebody. From The Politico.com: “House Democratic leaders are urging their rank-and-file members to use next week’s recess to hold press conferences and other events humanizing the negative effects of sequestration alongside senior citizens, small business owners, police officers and teachers.”

So it’s the same thing. “If we do this, your town’s gonna lose its cops! If we do this, your town’s gonna lose its firefighters!” Even though your town and your cops and firefighters are not paid by the federal government. “It doesn’t matter! Your teachers, your senior citizens, they are gonna lose their Social Security, and they’re gonna lose their Medicare, and they may never get it back!” We’re talking $85 billion. Folks, let me just tell you something. To ever get serious about this — serious about it to the extent that we make changes that will matter and prevent us from becoming Greece — we’ve gotta be talking trillions of dollars in cuts, not $85 billion.

That $85 billion is irrelevant. It is chump change. It’s insignificant. We are headed for an utter, total collapse. We’re gonna have to cut trillions of dollars. We are $17 trillion in debt, and it’s gonna be $22 trillion by the time Obama leaves office in 2016, and there’s no end in sight for this. The federal government currently spends $10.5 billion dollars a day. We’re talking about less than ten days’ worth of spending! One week! One week of government spending we’re talking about being cut, and with one week’s worth of cuts, all of this apocalypse is gonna happen? As usual, you’re being lied to and “extremed” to death, pummeled, and beaten up. They’re not even letting you up to breathe, you are being so immersed in this stuff.



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