Our Hero President Sets Out to Save America from the Sequester Meat Cleaver


Now, the sequester. There is still one other point I wanted to make and it has slipped my mind, but it’ll pop into my head at some point. Obama is claiming, by the way, among many things that criminals will be set free because we will have to close prisons. Criminals will be set free because of the sequester if it goes through. I mean, the scare tactics and the fear mongering knows no boundaries. Now, if that’s true, if the sequester means that a bunch of criminals are gonna be let go, isn’t that another argument for not giving up guns?

So Obama’s out there trying to raise fear on all of this talk about the sequester — we’re talking $85 billion. I want to put this in perspective. The federal budget is $3.5 trillion dollars a year, and we’re talking about $85 billion that might be cut, and all of this disaster is gonna happen. Kids are gonna go hungry. Schools are gonna shut down. Bridges and road repair will not happen, and now prisoners are gonna be let go. Eighty-five billion dollars. It is like if you earn a hundred thousand, it’s like losing a quarter. It wouldn’t matter. Hell, what is the Sandy relief package, $50 billion? So while this is gonna cost us $85 billion, the sequester, $50 billion we’re spending here on Sandy relief. Sixty. Pardon me. I was wrong. Sixty billion on disaster relief.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites, back to the top now. This is Obama this morning in Washington, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. I think I’m right about this. I think they shut down the Oval Office and parts of the West Wing. They’re doing two years’ worth of remodeling and refurbishing so Obama’s had to move across the street to what used to be called the old Executive Office Building, OEO, it used to be called. Now it’s the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Anyway, Obama went there and said this.



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