O’Reilly Slams GoDaddy, Taco Bell Super Bowl Ads For Offending Men, Senior Citizens


Bill O’Reilly kicked off his post-Super Bowl show by reviewing the best and worst of last night’s commercials. He particularly loved Dodge’s “So God Made A Farmer” ad, which used the religious imagery of conservative radio host Paul Harvey and celebrated “traditional America.” But he found some of the other ads to be “offensive” and “dumb.”

The two ads that really got O’Reilly’s goat were the Bar Refaeli-starring ad for GoDaddy.com and Taco Bell’s senior-citizens-on-a-bender spot. He slammed GoDaddy’s ad for offending men and the Taco Bell ad for disrespecting the elderly. In his Talking Points Memo segment, O’Reilly played clips from both ads and explained why they bothered him so much.

O’Reilly found the GoDaddy ad “hard to watch,” presumably due to the shock value of seeing a supermodel make out with a less-than-attractive nerd stereotype. He labeled it “purely voyeurism” and “offensive to men.”



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