Obama’s Weekend with Tiger Upsets Press


Do you know the Drive-Bys are really bent out of shape today? Do you know that the State-Controlled Media is fit to be tied? I have not seen them angrier in the last five years over anything the regime has done than they are angry now. Do you know why? Well, it’s because Obama invited Tiger Woods to come out and play golf with him at the Floridian yesterday and they didn’t let the press in. No photos! They didn’t let them in the club. They did not let them in the complex. They kept a pool reporter outside the gate.

But somehow Tim Rosaforte from Golf Digest was in there, and Tim Rosaforte was tweeting. That’s how we know that Tiger Woods played golf with Obama. Nobody knows… At least I haven’t seen it. Maybe somebody does now. Nobody knows whether Rosaforte was invited in by the White House or whether he’s a member up there playing or whether he was a guest of a member, but he was in there. Rosaforte’s a good guy. I know Tim. He’s a good guy, but the Drive-Bys are just fit to be tied ’cause a sports journalist knows something they didn’t know.

They can’t get invited. Ed Henry, who is the head of the White House Correspondents Association, has logged an official complaint with the White House claiming lack of transparency. Now, one of the… I had a bunch of people ask me, “Rush, is the press automatically entitled to be where Obama is every moment, even during things like this, vacation time?” I’ll tell you what this relates to. It’s the old “body watch” thing. There’s an unwritten (it may even be written) rule in the media that says they always want a camera on the president.



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