Obama’s Ongoing Project: Stay Above Responsibility and Appeal to Low-Info Voters


Now, I want to reiterate something. It’s not as easy as it sounds. For example, there’s not a Republican who can pull this off because to pull this kind of thing off as Obama is, you need a totally compliant and slavish media, totally on your side and willing to carry your water and your message and your talking points each and every day. And then you need no conscience. You cannot possibly have a conscience and pull off something like this. And I think this is why, when Obama says the sweetest thing you can do to get revenge, is vote. Remember when we heard that during the campaign, late in the campaign? We all said, “Revenge against who?” Well, now, we know. All of us. The people who are working. The people who are not suffering. The people who are perceived not to be suffering. Revenge against us.

Obama’s leading the charge of the vengeful, and he’s seeking to address their grievances. He’s their leader in this regard. But it’s a fascinating thing. You are president of the United States, but you are never perceived as governing. You are not seen as in charge. Your agenda has no relationship whatsoever to what’s happening in the country. This is how you can get polling data that shows a vast majority of people disagree with every Obama policy, but they don’t blame him for the policy. They don’t associate him with the policy. They still reelect him. They do not connect Obama and his policies to what is happening in the country. And he pulls this off because he is in constant campaign mode.

He’s always running against whoever and whatever these powerful forces are that are creating all of this misery and havoc, and it’s been going on for a long time. Bush, even before that, Reagan. Even the Founding Fathers. I mean, from the days the country was founded. And Obama has finally, the country’s finally put somebody in charge to fix it. It’s gonna take more than one term. Can’t do it all in one term. May not be able to do it in two, and he even told his supporters this. May not be able to pull it all off in one term. So the fact that the debt is skyrocketing and that his policies are causing it, is not seen. That connection isn’t made because Obama is never seen as in charge. He holds the office, and he gets the perks, and he’s a celebrity, but he’s not in charge. He’s not accountable. He’s not responsible.



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