Obama’s Governing Philosophy: Plausible Deniability


They may tune in by accident to the Sunday morning shows and see the chief of staff up there talking about it while Obama’s out playing golf. That’s how it happens. Now the Rasmussen poll: 54% approval rating, despite massive disagreement with his agenda. They don’t tie him to the agenda. They don’t tie his agenda to the direction the country’s going. They don’t tie his agenda or his policies to their reality. Look at the gasoline price. The gasoline price is now over $5 in many parts of the country. Gasoline prices have risen for 32 straight days. The gasoline price is 96% higher today than when Obama was immaculated, and it hasn’t attached to him.

He has nothing to do with this. This is Big Oil doing this. This is Big Oil or some Grand Wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers on gas prices, and Obama is doing everything he can to stop this. Obama’s doing everything he can to keep gasoline affordable! He’s even proposing electric cars. He’s making sure that we don’t pollute the planet and destroy it even more. He’s opposing the Keystone pipeline! He’s doing everything he can — and yet, look! These evil, powerful forces in the private sector keep defying him and screwing you and raising the gasoline price.

Well, have you heard anybody blame Obama? Let’s go back when the gasoline price was rising during the Bush years. You heard people in the media and Democrat Party every day demanding that Bush do something about it. Do you hear anybody demanding Obama do anything about this? No, because it’s assumed by the low-information voters that he’s already tying. “He’s just being screwed by these Republicans and the Big Oil people who won’t cooperate with him,” while he’s playing golf for three days with Tiger Woods at the Floridian. His entire governing style is centered around the whole concept of plausible deniability.

The Democrats are talking about increasing taxes on Big Oil, ending the so-called subsidies that they’ve got. So the gas price is going up and the oil price is going up, but it’s not anything to do with Obama. It’s Big Oil and maybe Bush. You know, ’cause Bush and Cheney? Halliburton? They were involved in oil! It’s probably policies that are held over from those guys. Don’t laugh. It is the explanation.



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