Obamacare Allows Government to Take Money from the Uninsured


Here’s the fine. The IRS calculates that a family earning $120,000 per year that did not buy insurance would need to pay a penalty of $2,400 in 2016. I knew it was a significant difference. Now, what are you going to do if you’re faced with this option. On the one hand you must do one of two things. You must buy health insurance. If you don’t have a family, figure $4,000 for you individually, ballpark, $4,000 a person. A family of four, 16 to 20 grand. A family of five, 20 grand. Or, $2,400 fine, what are you gonna do? If you’re young, you’ll pay the fine. You’re not gonna get sick anyway, you’re thinking. You’re certainly not gonna have a catastrophic illness.

So you’ll roll the dice that you won’t be in a big-time accident, you’ll pay the fine. You’re legal, IRS is off your case. That’s a huge difference. Take it for a family of four. Let’s say that they’re faced with $16,000 to $20,000 a year health insurance. Who has that for health insurance? Nobody’s got that. If the employer doesn’t cover it or a portion of it or all of it and you gotta come up with some of it, you still are not gonna be able to afford that, but the fine, $2,400 taken out of your tax, I’ll do that. It’s obvious $2,400 is a much more attractive option than $20,000, particularly if you’re young.

The fine, from the article, the IRS calculates again $120,000 per year, family earning that much will pay a penalty — they don’t say tax, by the way — penalty of $2,400 in 2016. The right way to look at this is, one way or the other, the government is going to get your money. The government wants your money. They’re calculating that you won’t buy health insurance at those prices when you’re young, but they’re still gonna get their money. What Obamacare is, in part, because it’s many things, but it is, among other things, a way for the government to get money from the uninsured. Stop and think of it that way. If you’re uninsured, you work someplace but you’re not full time so you don’t have a plan, or you do work full time but your boss is a creep like most bosses are — ahem — and your boss doesn’t give you your health care in toto. You still have to pay the fine. If you end up being uninsured, you still have to pay.



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