Obama Doesn’t Have Courage to Lead


Folks, what is paramount and obvious to me is here’s Obama, and he gets back from his vacation, and immediately — with no provocation, by the way. There isn’t anybody outside of Jeff Sessions, maybe, hitting Obama. But Jeff Sessions isn’t really, either. There was nobody on the Republican side trying to pick a fight with Obama. Nobody’s insulting him. Nobody on the Republican side is doing anything other than mild — mild, even by political standards — criticism.

But Obama is acting like everybody on the Republican side is insulting his mother, his wife, his kids, and him — and this isn’t happening. He’s not being insulted. He’s not being mistreated. He’s not being disrespected. Yet he’s lashing out! I’m telling you, he doesn’t have the courage to lead. That’s how it appears to me. He doesn’t have the courage, because I don’t think he thinks he needs to lead.

He is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams, and at the same time he is accomplishing one of the primary objectives that he’s had as a politician since he got into the business, and that is eliminating all opposition. He’s not interested in compromise. He says he’s sitting there, his door’s open, and he’s waiting for the phone to ring. The Republicans say they’re hoping the president calls! “GOP Senators Waiting for President Obama’s Outreach.”

He’s not gonna reach out to them. He’s in the process of destroying them! This episode today at the Old Executive Office Building/Eisenhower Executive Office Building is stunning to me, when you get right down to it. I mean, it’s who Obama is, but without any provocation… If I didn’t know better, I would think this three-day vacation of his was miserable and he’s ticked off. He’s come back and he’s in a foul humor because he has lashed out at these humor Republicans.



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