Obama Didn’t Want to be Seen with Tiger Woods, Rich One-Percenter


We got the sound bites coming up. The Drive-Bys have told us why Obama did not want the photo-op with Tiger, and it had nothing to do with the busload of women that I saw on I-95 who might have been headed that way. I don’t know, probably not, but it had nothing to do with Tiger’s social life or embarrassment over that. It’s that Tiger’s in the 1%. Tiger’s rich. Obama didn’t want a photo-op. This is what the Drive-Bys are saying: Obama didn’t want a photo-op with Tiger ’cause Tiger’s in the 1%!

Tiger’s rich, and Tiger agreed with Phil Mickelson when Mickelson said he was gonna have to leave California because his taxes were too high. I know Obama’s in the 1%, but he doesn’t act like it and… Well, I take it back. He does act it. He lives like the 1% but he’s not held accountable for being in the 1%. He’s fighting the 1%! You gotta get your head on right. He’s not the 1%. He’s fighting the 1%! If Obama was in the 1%, he would exit the 1%. He’s one of the one-percenters but he can’t help it, as far as the low-information voter is concerned.

So that’s why they didn’t want any photo-ops.



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