Obama Blames Republicans for Screwing Up His Roaring, Booming Economy


So Obama’s at the White House saying something. You ever notice that all of his press appearances, his announcements, his campaign appearances, whatever you call ’em, they always happen while this program is on. They always do. And it was Obama who said to the New Republic that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are just standing in the way of progress. Now, I didn’t of course hear the whole thing, listened to a little bit of it during the break, and he just said, the president of the United States, just said, “We can’t just cut our way to prosperity.” Of course we can’t! Of course we can’t. And of course there aren’t any cuts apart from DOD. Apart from the defense budget, there haven’t been any cuts.

Obama then said that his policies are resulting in economic growth, a reduction in the deficit by 2.5 trillion dollars. Why, he’s painting a picture of absolute utopia that’s taking place in America. You would never know, if you just landed here from Mars, why, these are the salad days, never had it better in this country. We’ve never had a more responsible president. We’ve never had a more responsible budget process. Obama is protecting the people of this country from these budget cutters who happen to be the Republicans, by the way. “We can’t just cut our way to prosperity. We need a balanced approach as we move to prosperity.” And of course that really gets to the nub of it. What is the source of prosperity?

In the United States, what has always been the source of prosperity? It doesn’t matter what it has always been, because today the source of prosperity is the government — Santa Claus. Government is the source of prosperity and the Republicans are out there trying to cut people’s prosperity. Now, they’re actually not cutting anything, and the Republicans haven’t proposed any cuts. Nobody ever does. There are never any real cuts proposed. The federal budget is not getting smaller. Projected budgets are not getting smaller. And yet every week we hear about these massive Draconian cuts.



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