NBC Twists Tiger Woods Quote to Falsely Hype Obama’s Golf ‘Game’


On Wednesday, NBC News deliberately twisted a quote from Tiger Woods’s Tuesday press conference to give viewers the impression that President Barack Obama was a much better golfer than Woods actually claimed he was.

In a fawning TODAY Show segment about Woods’ remarks about last weekend’s golf outing at the exclusive Floridian golf club, NBC News reporter Peter Alexander enthusiastically claimed Obama had “game” because Woods said “he’s a pretty good stick.”

One problem. Woods did not exactly say that.

Woods never said Obama had “game” or a “pretty good stick.” What Woods said was that if, after Obama leaves the presidency, Obama “spends more time playing the game of golf,” the president could get to the point where he could have “game” or “a pretty good stick.”

But even when devoting a segment to something as trivial as Obama’s golf game, NBC News did all it could to twist Woods’s words to embellish Obama’s golf game and put Obama in a favorable light.



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