My Obama Theory Validated

ObamaCollageSmart ” Obama Waging an ‘Endless Campaign’.” Where have we heard this? I love this. I must tell you, I love this. I elucidated, enunciated what turns out to be a profound theory on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it’s being picked up now. This is actually just more support for the theory. And what they’re saying is, Obama doesn’t want to govern. He only wants to campaign because governing would make him responsible for what is happening. He doesn’t want to compromise. That would put his name on something.

So he doesn’t want to govern. He only wants to campaign. As he campaigns, he’s always opposing these mythical, mysterious people, powerful forces who are actually the ones doing all this stuff to the country. They’re the ones causing unemployment. They’re the ones causing the housing crisis. They are the ones, whoever they are. But Obama’s fighting ’em. He’s been fighting ’em for four years and they’ve been around a lot longer than Obama. It goes back to Reagan, as we will learn here in a moment.

He’s not trying to accomplish anything. Therefore there will be no compromise. This is all in the story. “President Obama will never again be an election candidate but, for now at least, he has the look,” and sound, “of a man on the campaign trail. Thursday brought the latest example, with a rally-style event in Decatur, Ga., intended to build support for the administration’s proposals on pre-K education.” But there won’t ever be any governing. If Obama ever settles in to where he’s perceived to be governing, that means he’s in charge, that means he’s responsible, that means he’s accountable. That’s what he’s avoided.

That’s what we all missed for four years. That’s why you can have polling data that show 55, 60% of the people oppose Obama’s agenda and still support him. They don’t associate his agenda with the problems in the country. They don’t believe, they don’t understand, they don’t think that Obama’s policies have had any of the negative impact on the country. Somebody else did that, other presidents did that. They view Obama as trying to fix it.



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