I mentioned the other day that Governor Christie, New Jersey, went on David Letterman’s show, and I just accidentally happened to see it. I turned on the TV, and it was still set to the CBS network for having had the Super Bowl on. I haven’t seen Letterman in ten years. He was wrapping up his interview with Joe Flacco, the winning quarterback of the Super Bowl, and he promoted Christie coming. I said, “Well, I’ll stick around, I’ll watch this. It was a two-parter, I watched the second part. The first part was all fat stuff.

Christie comes out, starts eating a doughnut while Letterman’s asking him if he ever thinks about going on a diet. And Christie says, “Yeah, every day.” And Letterman won’t let up. Everything’s fat this, fat this, do you think about food all the time, whatever. Anyway, this has spawned a tremendous amount of concern for Governor Christie and his health. Last night on Anderson Cooper 360 they played part of an interview that Jim Acosta did with a former White House doctor, Dr. Connie Mariano. And during the interview a former White House doctor had this to say about Governor Christie.

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