Media Fears They’ve Created a Monster


Yesterday there was a story about David Ignatius, a columnist for the Washington Post, who appeared on the Chris Matthews Sunday show, the syndicated Chris Matthews weekend talk show, and on that show David Ignatius was talking about the Misstatement of the Union speech tonight that Obama’s gonna give. He predicted what Obama would talk about, about jobs and guns and immigration. And Ignatius then went on to say that he really hopes that Obama doesn’t approach it as a zero-sum game and destroy Marco Rubio. Not in the speech tonight, but in the whole debate about immigration.

I took that and I ran with it, and I analyzed it quite extensively. And one of the things I pointed out was that it was clear to me that Ignatius, as a lone voice, is very much aware what the Obama tactic is. It’s not just have your ideas triumph, in this case on immigration. The way Obama’s gonna win is to destroy the opposition, and that’s what the zero-sum game definition is for politics. If somebody wins, somebody has to be destroyed, not just lose. And Ignatius, “Please don’t destroy Rubio.” I found it profound actually that Ignatius would say this. I went on and on and on about it, we got a phone call from Vinny in Queens who accused me of over-thinking it.

And he said, “Your vast intellect, Rush, is getting in the way of seeing what’s obvious. What Ignatius is worried about is that if Obama starts trashing Rubio, that there’s gonna be a backlash among the Hispanic population at Obama.” And I said, with all due respect to Vinny, I said, “I think you’re over-thinking this a bit ’cause Ignatius said what he said. ‘I hope he doesn’t destroy Rubio,’ ’cause he knows what Obama’s modus operandi is.”
These guys, some of these people in journalism, when they talk about bipartisanship, they really mean it. To them that’s salad days.



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