Marco Rubio Takes Drink of Water, Disqualifies Himself for the Presidency in the Eyes of Liberals


So he reaches for the bottle of water, takes a drink of it, and, yeah, they’re making fun of the guy all day and laughing for taking a drink of water. He’s handling it very well, by the way. He tweeted a bottle of water last night. He did television interviews today with a bottle of water all day. I think that slot is one of the lowest-payoff slots that there is in politics, responding to a presidential speech. I don’t care if it’s State of the Union, whatever it is.

I mean, you go from the magnanimity of the House chamber and the the American flag. You get Boehner and Plugs back there, but just the majesty of that, with the constant applause! And then you go to a little room with no noise, no audience, no applause lines and nobody applauding and so forth. It’s a really, really tough thing to do and to stand out, and he did it, and the way he’s handling that bottle of water, I think it’s just another illustration of the odds that Republicans face.

As far as they’re concerned, he’s disqualified to be president because of that. He’s disqualified to run ’cause he took a drink of water. He had dry mouth. Oh, his speech was excellent! It was an excellent speech. He took it right to Obama. He took it right to Obama. In fact, we’ve got it. I’ll play some excerpts of Rubio. I’m not gonna play any excerpts of Obama. I did not see any of the Spanish part because I wouldn’t have been able to understand the Spanish part. I watched the English version.



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