Limbaugh’s Immigration Bill: Sovereignty and Assimilation


They need to be fighting for something called the sovereignty of United States border. It ought to have something in it like this. Again, I’m just thinking of the moment, but I’m not thinking about something passing. I’m thinking about the Republicans needing something to be seen fighting for, even if they are gonna lose it — and it’s something like this: “You know, we’ve got ten to 12, 20, whatever it is, million immigrants in the country. We’re not talking about deporting ’em. Nobody is. But we’re gonna lock down this border, and we are going to reestablish this distinct American culture that immigrants in the past came to this country for.

“We are going to do everything we can to require assimilation. You’re gonna have to become American. If you cross that border legally, you’re gonna have to be able to hum some bars of the Star-Spangled Banner. You’re going to have to be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. You’re gonna have to know your ZIP code. You’re gonna have to be able to answer some questions about this nation’s history. You’re gonna have to know who George Washington is! You’re gonna have to know what the Civil War was about. You know, basic, simple things that everybody in this country’s taught in the first five years of school.

“If you don’t do any of these things, you do get sent back — and that border’s gonna be tight, and you sneak across that border and get caught, you’re sent home, and you have a red mark so you never get back. We are serious about the border, and we are serious about people who come here becoming Americans. We want people to come here and become Americans. We want people to come here and assimilate. We want people to come here and build this into the greatest nation ever again.” You can construct an immigration bill that spells out your belief in this country, that requires people coming here reflect those beliefs and learn them. You may never get it passed, but it’s something that you fight for.

It’s distinctive, and once again it draws a contrast between them and the Democrats who are simply looking for votes. Right now, that’s what everybody thinks the Republicans are doing, is simply looking for votes. So right now the cynics look at both parties as simply trolling for votes. “They don’t really care about the people that get here. It’s just the Democrats are gonna be a little bit nicer because they are the welfare state guys.” Well, position this as something like: “We’re looking for Americans; we’re not looking for votes. We’re looking to shore up and secure our border, and there are certain things that you gotta do once we let you across. If you get caught crossing illegally, you never get back in here.”



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