Libs Push Dorner Conspiracy Theories


Do you know there’s already a conspiracy developing about this? Conspiracies are already effervescing. From the Huffing and Puffington Post. Listen to this: “Unconfirmed police audio from the standoff Tuesday evening with alleged cop-killer Chris Dorner suggests the fire in the cabin where the suspect was holed up may have been started by the police…” So there you go! The wicked, racist LAPD burned him up for no reason.

The LAPD started the fire. That’s the latest conspiracy out there. The Daily Beast has picked it up, too. “Report: Cops Started Dorner Fire.” How dare they? How mean! My gosh, I can’t believe the cruelty here. This was a man that was speaking up for all Americans. He was addressing our racist past. He was calling attention to it! He was raising all of our conscience levels so that we would all realize the depraved and decrepit past from which we all came. The modern-day Django!

This was a man who was getting even with all the people who need to be gotten even with for all the evil that had been done in the past to various minorities in this country, and the LAPD started the fire in the cabin. The LAPD burned him up. The LAPD scorched him. The LAPD did it! The wicked, mean-spirited racist LAPD. That’s what we heard yesterday, and we had to listen to what Dorner said in the manifesto because the LAPD stinks.



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