Liberals Nervous Over Sequester


As you know, the sequester is a form of punishment or threat. When the two sides, a year and a half ago or two years — Boehner and Obama — were arguing about the debt limit extension at that time, they came to an agreement that said if they don’t get together and come up with some serious compromise on spending and the debt limit and so forth, then X is triggered. It’s called the sequester. What gets triggered are automatic cuts. I think it’s $500 billion in defense cuts and $500 billion in Medicare cuts over like ten years or 12 years or some such thing, and the reason that was supposed to have worked is because the Republicans just love the military!

They just love launching missiles and firing bullets and killing our enemies.

And the Democrats love giving people health care and curing them of sickness and making sure that life is utopia. So since neither party would like to be denied what it really likes doing, killing people and saving people, they would come together, there would be an agreement, and the sequester (automatic spending cuts) would not happen. Obama promised in one of the debates: Sequester is not gonna happen. He promised it’s not gonna happen. He said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s not gonna happen,” meaning that he was intent on coming to some kind of a deal with the Republicans in the House that would come up with other ways to control spending and the debt, so sequester wouldn’t get triggered. Now the media’s all worried that that isn’t gonna happen, and the sequester will get triggered.

The Republicans have the upper hand because they don’t care that the military will get cut.

That’s all it takes.



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