Let’s Just Freeze Spending


Okay, now, ladies and gentlemen, everybody agrees. They might not all say it, but everybody now agrees that even with the sequester, the government is going to be spending more money. You heard Jonathan Karl of ABC News admit that even with the sequester, the government will spend $15 billion more this year than last. Now, $15 billion when compared to $3,700 billion is chump change.

But we’re still going to be spending $3,700 billion this year! We’re gonna be spending more this year than next, and even with sequester now, people are admitting it. But here’s the AP’s contribution to the sequester story today, and it’s all wrapped up in their headline: “Government Downsizes Amid Republican Demands for Even More Cuts.” The government isn’t downsizing! The Republicans are demanding more cuts. At some point we’re gonna have to.

If we don’t, we are gonna become Greece. If we don’t downsize and seriously do so, then all these dire predictions that you’re hearing today are gonna become a fact of life every day. Right now we still have a choice. The longer we go, the less choice that we’re gonna have, and eventually all of this fearmongering is going to manifest itself as reality. Do you know all we would have to do to get started on this? We don’t even have to talk about real cuts.



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