Is Hagel a Victim? Ask Hagel–in 2005

Chuck Hagel

Is Chuck Hagel really the target of a witch-hunt? Here is what one prominent Senator had to say about the process:

You know that we had a committee meeting to vote him out [i.e. to the full Senate]. You know that we decided…to investigate the new allegations and charges that have come in. I said, at the time, on the record, in the committee, and many times publicly: these are very serious allegations, and they deserve serious attention. And we should not move forward until we address these allegations…If there’s something deep enough there that truly disqualifies him, in some personal way or professional way, than I have to do the right thing: vote against my party and against my president. And I will do that if there’s something there that I think is serious enough.

That Senator was Chuck Hagel, speaking on May 3, 2005 about the nomination of John Bolton to be Ambassador to the United Nations. The “serious allegations” were primarily about how Bolton had treated subordinates, as well as his strident criticisms of the UN.

And so we come full circle. Chuck Hagel faces serious allegations–not just his poor treatment of staff, which the Senate Armed Services Committee considered, but also his radical views on Iran, Israel, nuclear disarmament, and other issues.



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