Hip-Hop Artist to L.A. Shooting Suspect: ‘This Was A Necessary Evil…God Bless You Sir’


Ab-Soul, a California Interscope Records Hip Hop artist, made remarks on his Instagram page Friday night expressing his support for Christopher Dorner — a former Navy reservist who was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008. Dorner is now suspected of fatally shooting three people and injuring two others in an act of revenge. :

As the manhunt continued as far north as the San Bernardino Mountains, late Thursday, Interscope Records rapper Ab-Soul posted a photo defending the fugitive on his Instagram page, quoting Dorner’s 11,400-word manifesto, in which he outlines plans to kill law enforcement officers and their family members.

“This was a necessary evil,” Ab-Soul posted, quoting Dorner’s manifesto, and adding his own comment: “God Bless You Sir.”

So far, the post has received more than 3,200 likes and 500 comments, many supporting the statements.



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