Hagel is Just a Placeholder for Obama


Look, I know a lot of people get caught up in this, but Obama is the secretary of defense. Obama is the secretary of commerce. Obama is the secretary of state. These people are the fall guys for when things go wrong. But Obama’s running everything here. The reason Chuck Hagel’s gonna be secretary of defense is when something goes wrong, he’s gonna take the blame for it. He’s the fall guy. It’s the same thing with Kerry at secretary of state. That’s all that’s happening here.

Barack Obama is not a distant, disengaged leader who’s delegating things because he’s lazy. This guy is an activist. He is energetic, he is involved, and he is moving at warp speed transforming this country. So the idea that the Iranians would endorse Chuck Hagel? Big whoop. They endorsed Obama. I mean, every time Mahmoud Ahmadinejad starts talking about America, it sounds like any other Democrat talking about America. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but it does. I’m not trying to be scary or threatening or anything.



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