Gun Control’s Complicated History

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It’s not just Piers Morgan’s obsession: Europeans simply do not understand Americans’ fixation with possessing our own firearms. But that’s really not new. Gun control was the flashpoint that launched the first shots in the Revolutionary War.

In the spring of 1775, British Gen. Thomas Gage decided to seize the Americans’ cache of rifles, artillery, and ammunition stored by the Massachusetts militia in Concord. The night of April 18, he ordered two companies of redcoats on the march. Before the sun came up, America and Great Britain were at war.

Chased back to Boston, the British were surrounded at Bunker Hill. When Gen. Gage tried to break the siege, the surrounding American militiamen broke his army. Of the 2,400 British troops originally stationed in the city, half would be killed or wounded by mid-June. The Americans would turn to George Washington, a onetime comrade-in-arms of Gage’s, to prosecute their war of liberation. The British general would be recalled to England.



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