GOP Establishment Invites Its Own Extinction by Declaring War on Tea Party and Seeking Compromise with Democrats


Eric Cantor is out saying the Republicans have to change. The Republican Party has to change. The Republican Party has to show that we want to help people. The Republican Party has to reach across the aisle.

Karl Rove and his PAC. What is it, American Crossroads? Is that the name of his PAC? There was a New York Times story a couple of days ago that basically said they are gonna end up choosing Republican primary candidates so that they’re not “Tea Partied.” The Republican establishment has had it with nominees like Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock. They say (summarized), “No more! And if we have to, we’re gonna run Republican money against Tea Party candidates to keep the Tea Party outta here,” ’cause the elites say the Tea Party is destroying the Republican Party.

Let me tell you what really is happening. Either by accident or by design, this announcement and this newspaper article about Karl Rove’s intentions is only serving to unite the Tea Party in ways even now it hasn’t been. It is energizing the Tea Party in ways that it hasn’t been. After the election, everybody on our side faced a bit of demoralization, and this has ratcheted it back up. The conservative base of the Republican Party has now been targeted by the Republican establishment. That’s how they interpreted Rove’s comments.

So what the Tea Party people now realize is that they got two political forces gunning for ’em. Obama and the Democrats and the Republican establishment. Now, I want to take you back. Grab audio sound bite number one. Once again, folks, I told you this was on the table. I told you this was going to happen. I predicted it almost literally, and I’m not saying this so that you go, “Wow, this Rush guy really knows his stuff!” I’m not looking for kudos. I’m simply saying you can trust what I tell you. You can trust the predictions. I know the kind of people we’re talking about.



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