Fight Over Amnesty with Republicans is Worth More to Obama Than Amnesty


Now, quickly I want to go back to this USA Today story, Obama and his immigration plan. Remember, Democrats on Capitol Hill begged Obama not to present his own plan. The Gang of Eight, four Republicans and four Democrats, had presented their plan. They were thought to be on the same page, and that was gonna provide the impetus for everybody else signing on. The Democrats begged Obama not to present his own plan, because all it would do is gum up the works. It might undermine the plan that already had some momentum behind it, and yet he did.

“A draft of a White House immigration proposal obtained by USA Today would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years.” Now, note that the USA Today story does not say “A draft of President Obama’s immigration proposal obtained by USA Today…” It says “A draft of a White House immigration proposal…” It is my contention that Obama releases this as a leak to USA Today while he’s on the golf course, and that keeps him distant from it. His fingerprints are not on it.

Remember now, the perspective of the low-information voter: The same people who say they disapprove of Obama’s agenda and yet disagree with the direction of the country, the people who do not make any correlation between Obama’s policies and the direction of the country. This is an amazing phenomena. It’s the first president in history — honestly, folks, it’s the first president in my lifetime — who somehow is not tied to his policies. Better stated: He’s the first president in my lifetime whose policies are thought to have nothing to do with the reality of the direction the country is going.

So what has Obama done here?



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