Economics and Social Issues are Linked by Morality


The biggest excuse offered is, “Well, we don’t have the media, Rush, and they do,” and I know it’s a major factor. There’s no other way around it, it’s true. But the one thing that the Republicans are reluctant to try is draw the contrast with what liberalism is, what Obamaism is, what his intentions are. They do not effectively make the case for the alternative. Look at immigration. You know, there’s a big move on, and I told you about my golf bubby. There’s a big move on now to just totally eliminate any concern over the social issues whatsoever, because we gotta save the economy. The economy is where your kids’ future is, the grandkids’ future. And that’s exactly right. But all this stuff is interlinked.

Social issues and economic issues are linked by something, and it’s called morality. And it’s morality that’s missing here, and while Obama runs around and claims the country was founded immorally and unjustly, the truth of the matter is that they’re doing everything they can to eliminate morality. There are no guardrails. There are no limits. And there will be no judgments. Nobody has the right to say something is wrong. Nobody has the right anymore to say something is right. Nobody has the right to say something shouldn’t happen because it’s destructive and detrimental. You don’t have that right. Who you love, who you want to live with, how you want to live, where you want to get your money from the government for a job, it’s nobody else’s business.

And so morality is being eliminated, and this country was founded on the basis of it. This country was founded on the premise that if morality is ever eliminated, this country can’t exist as it was founded. Now, what is happening here? The Democrats are attempting to establish in the minds of as many Americans as possible that life itself depends on a thriving and growing government in the center of everyone’s life. That’s why there can be no cuts to it.



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