Drive-Bys Change Tune on Sequesteria?


With the sequester, with the so-called Draconian cuts, we’re gonna spend $15 billion more this year than last with the sequester. Why will anybody be laid off? Why will anything be cut? If we froze every item in the budget, if we froze every department and kept it at the same level, we could do everything this year that we did last year. And if we don’t start doing things like that, all of these predictions that these people are making are gonna happen. The dirty little secret is this stuff is going to happen someday if they get their way.

These calamities, these crises will all happen somewhere down the road.

The lie is that doing what they want now will stop them.

The truth is, letting them continue to operate as they have been will cause all these calamities to happen. The truth of the matter is that everybody, Republicans and Democrats alike, know it. They all know this. It’s another thing to have the courage to tell you, but they’re all kicking the can down the road with all of this. It’s to the point now of being insultingly infantile and ridiculous. Here’s the president back on Tuesday of this week. This is how the president weighed in on this. This was the president’s attempt to scare, to frighten, to panic the people of this country.



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