Dr. Carson Speaks Truth to Power; Liberal Statists Question Whether It’s Appropriate


So yesterday on CNN, Candy Crowley asked the panel on her program if the comments of Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast were inappropriate. Actually, she asked if his comments were appropriate. Now, before we play for you the Candy Crowley sound bite from CNN yesterday, I want to go back. We’ve got two sound bites from Dr. Benjamin Carson. He’s the Johns Hopkins University hospital pediatric neurosurgery director. He’s a great guy. Great, great family story, from Detroit. Here are the two excerpts that we aired last week from his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama sitting right there.

You can’t have a bigger disconnect than this. Candy Crowley first, “Well, kind of offensive, certainly he’s entitled to his opinion. I mean, he is an American and all, but was this the right place, prayer breakfast, president sitting there, was this the right place?” You mean, there happen to be places where telling the truth about things just isn’t permitted, not appropriate? And then of course Schakowsky (doing impression), “Oh, of course it’s not appropriate. No way, invoke God at a prayer breakfast for the kind of point of view he has? Of course that’s not appropriate. But look at the disconnect here, Candy. Most Americans are not thinking of doing things for themselves. Most Americans want the government to do it for ’em. And for this guy to show up and talk about taking care of yourself and controlling your own health, that’s not where the American people are. What a big disconnect, just shows you how screwed up the Tea Party is.”

They were questioning whether or not this man had the right or was appropriate. Statists, folks, statists.



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